Hi there,

my name is Niko, a young, aspiring artist based in Freiburg and Stuttgart, Germany. After my Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Applied Science Offenburg, I'm now working for Pixomondo as FX Artist.

Generally speaking I mainly focus on postproduction such as motion graphics, title design, visual effects, editing and colorgrading.

Besides pushing pixels around, I enjoy acting (for further information, follow this link), doing martial arts, playing the piano and (of course) enjoying some good movies.

Der Niko im Park
Houdiniboi in the pleasure ground

Working with following Software packages:

Houdini FX - Lighting/Shading/Rendering, procedural Modeling, Simulation of natural phenomena such like Fire, Smoke, Water, processing of CAD-Data and Product Visualization --> Showreel

After Effects - Compositing, Tracking, Text & Title Animation, Motion Graphics, HUDs and UIs --> Showreel

Speedtree - Creating virtual vegetation, foliage and trees

Substance Painter - texturing 3D-Assets & Models

Premiere Pro / Davinci Resolve - Editing & Color Grading
Procedural Landscape in Houdini
SpeedTree in conjunction with Houdini Leaf SIM
After Effects HUD Animation