The Prince

Recently finished a Personal Project for Anett Diell, a german writer. It’s a trailer for her upcoming novel: Der Prinz mit dem Schmollmund. I created this one with a great Software called EbSynth; you can watch the result on Youtube. And be sure to grab … Continue readingThe Prince

Houdini Reel 2021

Finally a new Reel. Featuring all my latest work, including my Bachelor Thesis and another Personal Project. I mainly used Houdini and rendered with Arnold. Responsible for all the aspects except some of the 3D-Models like the Caesar Scan, Space Station and the Space Craft. … Continue readingHoudini Reel 2021

Showreel online

my first Student Reel is online now. Primary some Basic stuff I did in the last months, generally Houdini and After Effects. Still a Long way to go, but it’s a start. Expect more in summer 😉 Niko Ruch – Houdini & After Effects – … Continue readingShowreel online

Speedtree Growth

While exploring the intriguing world of cgi, I came across a fabulous piece of Software called SpeedTree. It’s mainly used for Games and Vfx. I couldn’t resist to give it a shot…. I used it in conjunction with Houdini and this is one of my … Continue readingSpeedtree Growth


As part of my studies I recently started a new Houdini Project. It will be part of series of 5 objects which will be manipulated in 3D space somehow. The topic this time: melting. For the melted object I chose The Thinker by Rodin; which … Continue readingMelting

Houdini Project finished

Finally, after some weeks, I managed to finish my latest Houdini Project. It’s called „The Machine“, a fictional power plant, inspired by a tutorial of Rohan Dalvi. It’s still not animated but yet many hours of work went into this one.

Hello World!

Hi and welcome to my blog! Here I will inform you at irregular intervals about my work in the world of cgi. Wheter it’s motion graphics, vfx or grading… you’ll find it here